About Us (Me)

Welcome to Krysls! We understand how hard you work and we all deserve something special sometimes. Live your best life and don't forget to treat yourself well!

I know there are many sites you can shop... sites with thousands of choices, but I also know how short the days can be and how busy we get and who has time to look through 500 pages of earrings? I've curated krysls to bring you hand-picked accessories that is on trend and still affordable. 

Not only will you find great pieces here, but I want to ensure you have the best experience. All products ship from the U.S. Your purchases are also worry free, as krysls offers a 14 day money back return policy. If you contact us, we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

It feels so good to be supported by other women. Thanks so much again for shopping here!